Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Greetings + MMX-Guitar give-away!

MMX-guitar blog

Together with Gibson, we designed and built this awesom MMX-guitar. And this X-mas, we're actually giving it away!

A massive THANK YOU to all who have helped make 2010 a memorable, succesful and enjoyable year for all of us. Next year we'll take it to 11.

Click here to see how you can win this guitar.

- MassiveMusic

Guitar Give-awat


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gouden Loekie Awards 2010 (2)

And the winner is...

Calvé 'Pietertje' - agency: Alfred

Friday, December 17, 2010

Gouden Loekie Awards 2010 (1)


Live from The Passenger Terminal in Amsterdam and on Dutch TV (NED1, 20.30h), it's time for the annual Gouden Loeki Awards tonight! The Gouden Loeki Awards is one of the few awards shows where only the public can vote for the best spot of the year.

Nice detail: from all the nominees, 8 of our Dutch productions are nominated. Here are the spots for your viewing pleasure. (BTW: There is still time left to vote)

Centraal Beheer 'Picknick' - DDB Amsterdam

Centraal Beheer 'Mouse' - DDB Amsterdam

Heineken 'Men With Talent' - TBWA\Neboko

Heineken 'Tube' - TBWA\Neboko

KPN 'Pause live TV / Dog' - TBWA\Neboko

Gamma 'Cat' - TBWA\Neboko

Calvé 'Pietertje' - Alfred

Beter Horen 'Edwin Evers / Doe De Hoortest' - N=5

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Viral Video Charts

It's that time of year again: top lists!

Here's a nice one: The Viral Video Charts cat.'Global Viral Ads'.

The all time number 1? Nike "Write The Future", with 611,920 shares (571,609 Facebook shares, 35,272 tweets, 5,039 blog posts) and 24,406,641 views and counting... Whooohoo!

For those of you just waking up ;-) here's the film for your viewing and listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Shanghai Shanghai (featuring TangKing)

Shanghai Shanghai (featuring TangKing) from Massive Music Shanghai on Vimeo.

After the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, and the millions and millions of visitors who came and went, the message still lingers on in Shanghai: 'Better City, Better Life'

Film Director Bas Roeterink, music house MassiveMusic Shanghai and rapper TangKing ('TK') sat down, took that message, and spun it around.

The result is a cool and contemporary track with an equally cool and fun video, shot on the streets of buzzing Shanghai.

The message is a pro-active one: 'Make a Better City, Have a Better Life'. A positive message that applies to the Shanghainese, as it does to any world citizen.

Registered WA3 users can download the track for free from here:

Monday, November 1, 2010

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Ever wondered what a NEED FOR SPEED: HOT PURSUIT and ENTOURAGE video would look like?
(music by MassiveMusic)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lou Reed's New York Shuffle

The 5th Artist from the bottom -

For those of you wondering who that might be, it's our MassiveMusic NewYork creative director Elijah! You can download his complete album You Are Lucky I Am Not a Vigilante here.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Turntablewerber / Nacht Der Löwen Party

Boom boom acka-lacka-lacka boom. Hamburg boys and girls beware! Massive DJ's Joep and Steve will come out and play some tunes at Neue Flore during the Turntablewerber / Nacht Der Löwen Party. This Monday 20/9, 22.30h.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Award Killzone 2 soundtrack


Congratulations to Massive composer, Joris de Man, who's soundtrack for KILLZONE 2 won video game's first ever Ivor Novello Award!

Unfortunately, Joris has had very little time to celebrate this wonderful achievement, as he's busy composing the music for Guerrilla Game's third installment in the series - KILLZONE 3 - which will be fully playable in Stereoscopic 3D.

Keep updated on the upcoming 2011 release here:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What it's really like to work in a music store


You can now follow us on the LinkedIn network, follow this link and get connected.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

FOX RETRO B-day (music by MassiveMusic)

A MassiveMusic B-day present for FOX!

Directors: Andre Maat & Henk Loorbach
Production: WeAreWill / William Griffioen
DOP: Michael Brooke
Editor: Ben Putland
VFX/Post: CIRCUS Family - Maurits
Client: Fox Italia
Creatives: Adriano Filippucci, Luca Rochira
Music: MassiveMusic

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Heineken 'The Tube'

Something we did lately: the newest Heineken commercial, 'The Tube':

Agency: TBWA\Neboko
Creative: Cor den Boer, Jorn Kruijsen, Jeroen van de Sande
Production Company:
Director: Bart Timmer
Director of Photography: Alex Melman
Producer: Hein Scheffer, Robert Nan
Editor: Annelien Wijnbergen
Music: MassiveMusic

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Extrema Outdoor 2010 Closing Show

Yet another special production we did: The Extrema Outdoor 2010 Closing show. MassiveMusic was responsible for the music mix for this great experience, played live on every stage of the festival. It was the 15th Anniversary of Extrema Outdoor in Aquabest Best / Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Music: MassiveMusic
Visual concept & Production: 250K and Extrema
Original footage by BNN, broadcasted live at Nederland 3.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Friday, July 16, 2010

Recording retro toys

A day in the life at the MassiveMusic studios. Recording toys for a TV channel ident: Super Simon, Dr. Bibber, swinging desk balls, a Marklin train, a Carrera race track, sound effects Phasor and some robot.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MassiveMusic - MMX - "We're 10"

In the summer of 2000, MassiveMusic heralded its birth with a rollicking party on a beach in Cannes during the annual International Advertising Festival. There was a full moon on that fateful Wednesday evening, and the stars shining brightly above were grouped into an odd, worm-like shape. Two Cannes virgins were sacrificed that night, although we had nothing to do with that...

A lot has happened since then. The seed that was planted in Amsterdam, still home to our head quarters, became a friendly little tree that started to branch out in 2004 when, again under the starry nights in Cannes, we had business intercourse with some Americans. As a result, MassiveMusic NewYork became a fact in 2005. Los Angeles quickly followed, opening its doors in 2008. A year later, ex-MassiveMusic Amsterdam creative director Diederik van Middelkoop set up our Shanghai studio, becoming the first international music production company to do so.

Now we are entering our tweens, and are celebrating this landmark with all who have helped us in the last decade. We have been privileged to work with the most exceptional creative minds in our industry. We have met thousands of dedicated and fun people through the years in Cannes and through the projects we have worked on. We made friends from Tokyo to Toronto. We were very lucky. We count our blessings. We're only 10. Come celebrate!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Centraal Beheer - Picknick

The Centraal Beheer legacy continues. For the latest episode 'Picknick' we have searched and licensed disco dance classic Daddy Cool, and produced a brand new Mediterranean version for this film.

Friday, June 4, 2010


PowNed goes live! Starting tonight with a pilot online. MassiveMusic produced the sonic identity for this brand new public broadcaster in The Netherlands.

Read more on the pilot shows here.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Stare Into The Sun

Summertime! MassiveMusic found and licensed this ultimate summer tune for this Dutch beer spot for Wieckse Witte. Stare into The Sun by Graffity 6 will also be Radio 3FM Megahit next week.

Getting thirsty? Now available on iTunes.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nike - Write The Future

We don't know what's going to happen next. But after doing the music for this monster of an epic ad, probably the biggest ad ever made and according to Nike, the biggest they ever made, this is the moment where we go, HELL FUCKING YEAH!!!! It's been a challenge, a struggle, a bliss, and most of all a sheer privilege to get involved in a project this amazing, cool and with such an impact. MassiveMusic, celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year, was responsible for doing the music. Together with Mark, Eric and Ollie from Wieden + Kennedy we took on the challenge of taking this truly Dutch gem to write the future. The Hocus Pocus magic we pulled off together has proven to be the only suitable ass kicking musical solution for this: The mother of all ads. Great thanks to W+K, Nike and Focus for making this all possible. We think a yodel would express pretty much everything we'd like to express at this point. Now go dig it! (You probably already did).

The brand new Hocus Pocus EP including the World Cup 2010 remix is available in an iTunes Store near you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Talent Night \ Music Special

New Talent Night Music Special e-ad

On Wednesday the 19th of May BLEND, Streetlab_ and MassiveMusic, present a New Talent Night Special focused on our love for music. After six successful New Talent Nights combining different disciplines such as photography, fashion, art and graphic design, we are now welcoming all you music talents.

We have select the finest masters of the industry: producers, musicians, (radio)dj’s, programmers, bookers, journalists and the people behind the best labels. They will listen to your demo, share tips and tell you all about the best PR and production tricks in order to get your music career started.

New Talent Night \ Music Special
Date: Wednesday 19th of May, 2010
Time: 19.00 tot 23.00 uur. Entrance is free.
Venue: Pakhuis de Zwijger, Piet Heinkade 179, Amsterdam

Want to participate in this evening? Entrance is free, but you have to sent a mail to and mention your name and what kind of masters you want to speak with. Be sure you're present at 7 o'clock PM to list yourself with the masters you're interested in.

Auke Riemersma (MassiveMusic), Bertus de Blaauw (Lowlands), Daan Spoek (, 5 Days off, Voltt), Ferry Roseboom (Excelsior Recordings), Irfan Er (Topbillin'), Job de Wit (BLEND, Revu, Reload, 22Tracks), Joep Beving (MassiveMusic), Judith van Unen (Barkers Bookings & Productions), Kostijn Egberts (Magnetron Music, Instant Replay & Ismusic Management), Lucas van Slegtenhorst (Chrysalis Songs Benelux - publishing), Marc Derby (Dr.Media), Michel Penders (MTV Networks), Niels Aalberts (Kyteman & HKU Music Management), Olga Heijns (Unmanageable Artists), Perre van den Brink (BLEND), Victor Bakhuis (DJBroadcast).


More info on the masters

Auke Riemersma
(studio engineer & composer MassiveMusic)
Auke Riemersma works as an engineer and composer at MassiveMusic. Besides that he is a freelance producer (MeloManics, Matik, Cujo, No!!Droids!!!), remixer (as ‘Blokgolf’) and a disco/electro DJ and producer named ‘Auxiliary tha Masterfader’. In the past he taught ‘Education in Audio Engineering’ at the SAE Institute for many years. Auke can give you feedback on the content of your music. He also knows a lot about the combination of music and image.

Ben Kamsma
(programmer Paradiso)
Ben Kamsma is responsible for the great programming of the well-known venue Paradiso. Thanks to him, the London Calling festival is a great success. Each year the festival is sold out even before the line-up is published. So, he is a good role model for future programmers and has an eye - or should we say ear - for artists with great potential.

Benny Rodrigues (house & techno DJ)
Benny Rodrigues has infiltrated the Dutch dance scene as a very successful house and techno DJ. He has performed at many great parties and festivals in the Netherlands, like FFWD, Mysteryland, Innercity, and Sensation Black. But also abroad: Ibiza, for example, is also a place Benny often visits to show off his great funk and techno mixing skills. So talk to Benny and let his journey to success inspire you.

Bertus de Blaauw (programmer Lowlands)
Bertus de Blaauw is the programmer that books the acts for Lowlands Festival. For this job, he travels around the world to all kind of festivals to spot the most talented and innovative bands. Besides big names, Lowlands consists of a lot of new talent and Bertus has the experience and skills to find it.

Daan Spoek (director of Spooker, project manager for 5 Days Off, Mojo Concerts)
Daan Spoek is founder and director of Spooker, which is aimed at supporting artists and events primarily involved in electronic music and nightlife. A few Spooker names: DJ’s/producers 2000 and one, Anton Pieëte, Melon, Olene Kadar and Kabale und Liebe and the Voltt event. These are no small names in the dance scene. Besides that he is Project Manager at 5 days off, one of the leading electronic music festivals in the Netherlands. He also works for Mojo Concerts, for which he organizes concerts, for instance in the Melkweg and at Lowlands Festival.

Ferry Roseboom (founder & owner Excelsior Recordings)
Ferry Roseboom is founder and owner of Excelsior Recordings, the leading independent label of the Netherlands, which exists for over ten years now. Together with Frans Hagenaar and Jeroen Kleijn, he is always on the lookout for new good acts in the Netherlands. The label is for bands and sing/songwriters, and already represents names like Roosbeef, GEM, Fixkes and The Madd.

Irfan Er (production/pr specialist, booker and co-owner Topbillin’)
Under the name of Goozr, Irfan Er has done production and PR activities for festivals, clubs and venues like Lowlands, 5 days off, Tivoli, Nighttown, Off_corso, Paradiso and organizations such as Rotterdam Electronic Music Festival and The Sustainable Danceclub. Nowadays he’s a hotshot agent and partner with Topbillin’. His main task is building up the live career of acts, bands and DJ’s. Topbillin’ is always looking for new talent in all music genres, from hip-hop to dance. Or maybe you need some PR advice? He’s the man to talk to.

Job de Wit (music journalist for BLEND, Nieuwe Revu, Reload, curator at 22Tracks & DJ)
Job de Wit is a freelance journalist (Nieuwe Revu, BLEND, Reload), DJ (Club Up, Melkweg), curator at the popular (disco, pop, rock) and writer of the book ‘Roxy en de Houserevolutie’. In the past he has made radio at VPRO 3FM, and 3VOOR12, was the editor in chief for State Magazine, and a regular editor at Update Magazine and OOR. Maybe he’s the one who will put your talent in the spotlights?

Joep Beving (global business & strategy MassiveMusic)
Joep Beving is a music producer (Scallymatic Orchestra) and business development and strategy director at MassiveMusic. MassiveMusic is a global music agency network specialized in music for the moving image - for commercials, for broadcast companies, games, films, for small and major brands around the globe. Their work field: music production, composition, sound design, music search, licensing, talent scouting (the MassiveTalent division) and (music) events. Joep can tell you all about the relation between brands and music: what a sync can imply for a musician.

Judith van Unen (co-owner Barkers Bookings & Productions)
Judith van Unen is one of the owners of Barkers. Barkers, founded in 1995, is an Amsterdam based booking agency. The business is run by owners Kim Tuin & Judith van Unen and their bookers, who are well connected in the worldwide underground music scene. Besides the booking activities, Barkers (co-) organizes events like Valtifest, BarkersBar, Miko loves Barkers, The Annual Network Bash during ADE, and arranges tours for their artists. Judith is responsible for the scouting of new artists; she’s booker of the international branch of Barkers, and the manager for Mightyfools.

Kees de Koning (Universal Music & founder TopNotch)
Kees de Koning started as a journalist for music magazine OOR. Besides that he was a radio DJ for the VPRO. In 1995 he started TopNotch, which is the best label in the Dutch hip-hop scene at the moment. Extince, Dio, Opgezwolle and Flinke Namen have already joined the label. TopNotch is now a part of Universal Music, where Kees is the Director Artist Development. He also hosts the radio show 3VOOR12XL for the VPRO with Andrew Makkinga and Mr. Wix, and he is Anouk’s manager since 2007.

Kostijn Egberts (co-owner Magnetron Music & Instant Replay, artist manager Ismusic Management)
Kostijn Egberts is co-owner and artist manager at Magnetron Music and Ismusic Management, and now also of the new Instant Replay label. With his label Magnetron Music he signed De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig and Le Le for instance. Now, with Instant Replay, he also wants to focus on his love for dance music. So he’s looking for new talent in and outside the dance scene. In the past he was also a label manager (ID&T), a programmer (Club Arena) and a journalist/editor (Basic Groove).

Lee Stuart (editor in chief of Statemagazine, jury member Grote Prijs van Nederland)
Lee Stuart is editor in chief of Statemagazine, the Dutch online hip-hop magazine. Besides that he’s also a jury member of the Grote Prijs van Nederland, in the hip-hop category. De Grote Prijs van Nederland is the biggest and oldest national pop competition in the Netherlands. For almost 25 years now, the GPVN offers an opportunity for talented musicians, bands, MCs, and producers who are ready for the next step. Do you want to know if you’re ready for that next step? Lee can give you advise about your demo if you’re into hip-hop.

Lucas van Slegtenhorst (general manager Chrysalis Songs Benelux - publishing)
Lucas van Slegtenhorst is the general manager of Chrysalis Songs Benelux. Chrysalis Songs Benelux is a new joint venture with Cloud 9 Music, based in Amsterdam. Chrysalis Music operates as a worldwide independent music publisher and represents copyrights and writers such as: Blondie, Aphex Twin, Gnarls Barkley, Motor, Metric, Kraak & Smaak, Yonderboi, Outkast, and many others. One of Lucas’s tasks is to sign and develop new and talented songwriters.

Marc Derby (creative director Dr. Media & artist manager)
Marc Derby is founder and creative director at Dr. Media, a concept office that deals with the development of artists, by a vision which is adapted to the needs of the contemporary (popular) culture. Besides that he’s also the manager of popular hip-hop artist Dio. Want to get your career running? Maybe Marc can give you the right advise!

Michel Penders (manager artist & events MTV Networks)
Michel Penders, manager artist and events, is responsible for managing MTV Networks events like Valtifest, Nokia Trends Lab, and arranging new events for all MTV Networks channels. He also programs MTV events and deals with the developments of in-house-formed acts.

Niels Aalberts (manager Kyteman, head teacher Music Management HKU & blogger at Eerste Hulp bij Plaat Opnamen/EHPO)
Niels Aalberts is owner of Eerste Hulp bij Plaat Opname. With this company, Niels is always looking for new talent. He also deals with the marketing and promotion of artists, singles, and albums. He was the manager for the internationally successful Kyteman, with his hip-hop orchestra. Besides EHPO, he is the main teacher of music management education at the art academy in Utrecht (HKU).

Olga Heijns (artist manager Unmanageable Artists)
Olga Heijns is artist manager for Roger Sanchez, Laidback Luke and the Partysquad, and has her own company Unmanageable Artists. She is a successful artist manager and focuses primarily on the success of her artists. She’s the perfect woman to give you all the advice you need to work your way up in the dance scene.

Perre van den Brink (editor in chief BLEND)
Perre van den Brink is editor-in-chief of BLEND Magazine. He is also a blogger with a well visited website: Once impressed, he could write about you, whether it’s in BLEND Magazine, Paper, or on his blog. It’s up to you to convince him!

Victor Bakhuis (publisher DJ Broadcast)
Victor Bakhuis is publisher with Magazine DJ Broadcast and also a DJ (deep house & soul techno with acid/electro influences) on his own. DJ Broadcast is one of the leading magazines in the dance scene. He is pretty much the perfect man to talk to when you need something published!

Yousef Gnaoui (Flinke Namen)
Yousef Gnaoui is one of the rappers in the popular group Flinke Namen. This well-known foursome has had great success in the past few years with hits like Als zij langs loopt and Wolken. Since he worked hard to get where he is, his story can be an inspiration for you. Or maybe you're a rapper yourself and you want Yousef's opinion on your demo? He's the man for you!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MassiveMusic MMX Competition

MMX - We are officially celebrating a decade of MassiveMusic this year. Some years ago we drove this killer company car to Cannes. This year we will do that again, but we won't be taking it home. Instead, we are giving it away.

If you actually want to win this car, send a picture of "You and Something Massive" + your contact details to he following address:

Driving this car is a real cracker of an experience: The 60+ bullet holes grant instant respect when driving through the more dodgy area' s of town. Cueing up at the gas station belongs to the past. You'll be amazed at how friendly people will treat you, when you are holding the key to this monster of bad taste. Besides the holes this car comes with many extras: Shiny rims, boom-system guaranteed to block out the sound of the police and a trunk that won't open from the inside.

The person with the best picture will be awarded this bad ass ride and gets to drive home in it from Cannes.

We're also giving away 5 copies of "Where We Work - Creative Office Spaces" to the first 5 people to send us their picture of him/her with something massive. The coffee table book showcasts forty-five inspiring work environments including our Amsterdam office. If you really want to win a copy and don't have a picture to share with us, just tell us how you feel in a nice and friendly smoozy email. Ooh and there's 4 tickets to our party in Cannes for the best email + pic.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Men got Talent

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Vrijdag a.s. doen we een klein stukje ADCN after party gebeuren in ons clubhuis de DEP. 100 % vooraan is dan in volle gang en wij gaan met een stuk of wat reclame pinguins onze gehuurde smokings naar de gallemiezen helpen. Goed plan? Dachten wij van wel. Schiet Hans of Joep even aan die avond als je een kaartje wilt.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Rules of Speed

Here's is another cool Nike spot we did recently. Music, thunder and lightning:

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hortum - An ode to self-destruction

HORTUM is a short film about self-destruction and the struggle with losing the battle with addiction. It’s an artistic celebration of being at the edge. The inspiration for the film is based on the directors relative who was diagnosed with a terminal medical condition that ultimately fed and fueled his self-destructive behavior. Throughout this cycle, the director was both inspired and frightened by his actions. HORTUM visualizes those memories of addiction and self destruction in the form of installations and performances. HORTUM is a story of a man who was an artist, but was unaware as the result of his addiction. HORTUM is the illustration of emotions that show there is no beginning and no end to the struggle.

Hortum was written and directed by Ayse Altinok who is a CD at W+K Amsterdam. From our team Guy and Joep were responsible for doing the music and sound design this short art film. If you want to know more about the film, there's a website you should check here.

Panic Room

Our friends at Post Panic have a great office space as you can see in the book we wrote about in one of our previous posts. They make good use of the space too as one can tell by their work. This is some of the latest and we got to do the music and sound design.

MTV Rocks! - Ident Series from PostPanic on Vimeo.

They also use the space for their reoccurring inspirational sessions that go by the name of Panic Room. The last Panic Room featured Niels Shoe Meulmann, Adam Eeuwens, Fons Schiedon and Matt Lambert/Motionographer as speakers. You can spy on the great crowd that attended the night here, and see some of the work that Matt from Motionographer highlighted during his presentation here.

This is our last image of the night. 'Shoe' signing my Calligraphiti T-Shirt.

Where we work


Ian McCallam, creator of the website 'This ain't no disco (It's where we work)' has finally put part of the site's content in a tangible and very suave coffeetable book. It features a several dozen hip-to-be-square workspaces from all over the world. From Amsterdam there's our friends from Post Panic, Nothing, Amsterdam Worldwide and yes, us too. You can buy the book on Amazon or at one of those coffee serving pick-up places boasting printed eye candy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

MassiveTalent: Death Valley Sleepers

It has been two years since we started our MassiveTalent division. Our aim is to connect brands to unknown and talented artists around the globe, and vise versa. Last year we already had Obél featured in the European T-Mobile Rain of Flowers campaign.

We're proud to announce another successful connection: Left Me High by Death Valley Sleepers is used in the newest Chevrolet campaign, thanks to our boys from MassiveTalent. Death Valley Sleepers is Tobias Winberg, a talented musician from Copenhagen, Denmark. Death Valley Sleepers combines rock to psychedelica, with the good vibes from the early Pink Floyd, Bowie and other sounds of the 70s.

The commercial:

Listen to the whole song here:

Get connected to Death Valley Sleepers via Twitter, Facebook and Myspace.
Left Me High will be available soon via iTunes stores and many others worldwide.

If you want to know more on MassiveTalent, check the website, blog and catalogue here.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The zither. Quite an impossible instrument to play, when you 'think guitar'. Look at these strings. However, we managed to record a fine demo for a Dutch commercial here at the Amsterdam studios. Results on the blog soon.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Orianthi shreds Michael Jackson

Orianthi, Michael Jackson's female guitarist at his "This Is It" Tour / DVD, shows Jo Jo Wright why Michael was so impressed with her audition. Crazy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stevie Wonder Drum Solo

Amazing solo. Pure joy from a musical genius.

(via David Ryan Harris)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Warner to quit free music streaming

Record label Warner Music has said it will stop licensing its songs to free music streaming services. "It's not the kind of approach to business that we will be supporting in the future" says Edgar Bronfman Jr, from Warner Music.

Yotvata vs Coca Cola

Even a colossal brand such as Coca Cola can do a little rip-off here and there.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

MCN Muziekcafé

This afternoon Joep, Cris and Auke will do a workshop/presentation on Music in Commercials and TV at MCN Muziekcafé in Amsterdam. MCN Muziekcafé is an initiative by Muziekcentrum Nederland (Dutch Music Center)

Click here for more info. Starts at 15.00h. Entrance is free.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

MassiveMusic MMX Competition

MassiveMusic MMX Competition

UPDATE: Facebook Page crashed by popular demand of this competition !

MMX - We are officially celebrating a decade of MassiveMusic this year. Some years ago we drove this killer company car to Cannes. This year we will do that again, but we won't be taking it home. Instead, we are giving it away.

If you actually want to win this car, send a picture of "You and Something Massive" + your contact details to he following address:

Driving this car is a real cracker of an experience: The 60+ bullet holes grant instant respect when driving through the more dodgy area' s of town. Cueing up at the gas station belongs to the past. You'll be amazed at how friendly people will treat you, when you are holding the key to this monster of bad taste. Besides the holes this car comes with many extras: Shiny rims, boom-system guaranteed to block out the sound of the police and a trunk that won't open from the inside.

The person with the best picture will be awarded this bad ass ride and gets to drive home in it from Cannes.


The movie rocks. Most people blatantly agree on that. Now take Pandora, picture a big chunk breaking off and orbiting into space, heading to earth, burning down into a minute piece after entering our atmosphere, and landing in a cup of fresh latte machiato. That somewhat describes the part we played in the avatar saga. But we are very proud to have played that part. Agency Sid Lee asked us to do the music and sound design for the AVATAR - the game commercial.


or TBWA Istanbul, we re-recorded and remixed the classic song 'Hit the road jack' into the archetypical styles of 5 different era's. The film was directed by Danish award winning director Martin Werner and production was in the hands of DEPO film Istanbul. Thanks to our Scandinavian partner Jesper Gadeberg (MassiveMusic Northpole) for teaming up on yet another cool project.


PSYOP created this wonderful animation for Replay and Stink asked us to help with the music. We ended up re-doing Jim Noir's Computer Song.


Swedish people love horses. To the point that every new ATG - Swedish Horseracing ad is instantly internalized in Swedish culture. Knowing this, and having immense love and respect for anything Swedish, we began the journey that was producing the music for this much anticipated film. We recorded a big band in our studios and feasted on croquettes afterwards. No horses were harmed in the process of producing the film, nor the music, nor the croquettes. Agency is Akestam Holst and director is TRAKTOR.


"Zo." is a thing Dutch people say when they just completed a task almost too big for one man to handle. Like building a dam, or catching a wild hog. Or when finding a parking spot in Amsterdam. Or seconds before they start to eat. Dutch people say "Zo." quite a lot. That's probably why Dutch beer brand Bavaria decided to own "Zo." and asked agency Selmore to make this commercial about "Zo.". The film was directed by non other than Mathijs van Heijningen for Bonkers. MassiveMusic composed and recorded a song about "Zo.".


Train travel can be quite relaxing. Agency Ogilvy & Mather in Frankfurt created this spot together with director Cadmo Quintero through Erste Liebe film. We composed this care free soothing song for those blissful moments where you find yourself in a train watching out the window with the sun all red and almost setting and you think to yourself: crap, did we just pass a naked guy running in the field?


VEX - Voetbal (Football) Expercience. The biggest football theme-attraction in the world, opened last month. We got asked by DST Experience Communications to score every audio-visual experience in the venue. Culminating in a 12 minute film about the European Championships in 1988 (the only one we won.), which is displayed on a 3 meter high and 6 meter wide arched multi-screen to really get "on the pitch" with the players. Check the clip to get a piece of one our most important, nee most important events in Dutch history! Thanks to DST and friends at Studio Sport for making this a great experience for us too.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Apple is to advertising as The Beatles were to pop music"

The word is out! "Selling out" has been taken over by "selling in" while music goes commercial.

"Apple is to advertising as The Beatles were to pop music"
A fun read about how 15 brands, this decade made great use of music in their campaigns.


OK Go breaks it down for your friends that don't get it. Here's the Open Letter From OK Go, regarding non-embeddable YouTube videos. Great read.

Here's the video:

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass from OK Go on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MassiveTalent on Facebook

The MassiveTalent Facebook group has turned into a Fan Page. This means better technical privileges for us and a better way for you to be updated.
Of course, we also got the internet on lock with our MassiveTalent blog and Twitter account, so get connected, stay updated and check your daily portion of new cool music.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Hello Friends,

Welcome to MMX!

A new year that announces the 10th Anniversary of MassiveMusic. Be prepared for an eclectic array of activities to celebrate our first decade in business. Brace yourself for monthly giveaways, impromptu happenings, a limited-edition publication and, of course, the official MMX party in Cannes.

In the meantime, we will endeavour to produce top level soundtracks from our offices in Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles and Shanghai.

So spread the word: MMX will be the year to remember.

Best regards,

PS – Stay connected via Facebook, Twitter or ring the MassiveHotline (the only dedicated soundtrack control hotline in the world manned by orange nosed midgets. This emergency number could be your lifesaver).

Friday, January 1, 2010

The 50 best music videos of the decade

First of all, a happy and harmonious 2010!

So it has now been a decade ago since we where all thinking the millennium bug was going to sweep all the computers of their feet. Now, almost ten years later, we can easily say that nor the millennium bug nor anything else was going to stop the digital (music) revolution. With MTV steadily loosing the M, music video's are more and more produced for internet distribution. It also means less budget, being more creative and being different. Is viral the magic word or was it a bug all along? :-)

Anyway, here are the best 50 video clips according to Paste Magazine. Enjoy!