Monday, May 25, 2009

Sound and vision

What's the importance of music and sound in film? And how does music work on picture in an emotional way?

We were contacted by Roel Tinkhof en Dorus Oomen. They needed to make a documentary film on film music and sound, as an assignment in their last year in high school. So they dropped by at MassiveMusic Amsterdam and interviewed Philip, our music researcher. Have a look at their findings on film music in this sweet film below. Pleasant note: original soundtrack by Roel and Dorus themselves (at 14'18")!

Filmmuziek Profielwerkstuk from Roel Tinkhof on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


ACTORS/MUSICIANS (age 25 – 35) can apply as well.


Hey all,

We are seeking a rock band for a new international TV-commercial/campaign. The band will play a ‘live’ track on stage in front of an enthusiastic and wild audience. The lead-singer also plays a main role in the film (lead singer and businessman/consultant). Actors/Musicians (25 - 35 years old) can apply as well, so we might form a band. Paid job.

For this TV-commercial we are looking for a ROCK BAND with the following musicians:

LEAD SINGER (male, is the main character, casting type ‘businessman/consultant’, but certainly the ‘cool guy’ and ‘front man’ – he has got short hair, looks like he is around 30+ years old, in the film during day time he’s dressed neat in a suit, in the evening he is Jim Morrison meets Linkin Park -ish)
GUITAR PLAYERS (probably we need 2 men, rock guitarists, energetic, solo/rhythm guitarists)
BASS PLAYER (man/woman, rock bass player, energetic)
DRUMMER (man, rock drummer, energetic)
And we might need a KEYBOARD PLAYER (man, keys, retro-synths, energetic)

All musicians are 25 – 35 years old. Reference for the rock band is: Linkin Park, Blink182 and then older / grown up, but also Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters. No indie-/brit-pop band, but more a ‘stadium act’. Energetic. If one or some of the band members are interested instead of the entire band, they can apply as well.

Casting / Auditions
The casting / audition will be held Friday 29th of May en Wednesday 3rd of June 2009, from 10.00h to 17.30h in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. International artists/bands can apply via e-mail. Details of the casting will follow.

The 3 shooting days for the lead-singer/consultant are planned somewhere from 28th of June 2009 until 7th of July 2009 in Lissabon, Portugal (EU). The shoot for the whole band, probably 2 days, is planned on 4/5/6 July 2009 in Lissabon, Portugal (EU).

Are you interested? Please apply before 28th of May 2009 to Steve Johnsen, MassiveMusic Amsterdam. Send an e-mail with your details, a short biography, a maximum of 3 photos of the band and a demo to Please mention ‘casting rock band’ in your subject. Our telephone number is +31 20 4272 432 (We're in the Central European time-zone). If one or some of the band members are interested instead of the entire band, they can apply as well.

Let's rock.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

MassiveMusic & The Lift host ‘NO PARTY' at this year’s Cannes Lions

Streaker on the MassiveWednesday party in 2008. (c) Photo by Usual Suspects.

MassiveMusic and film production company The Lift announced today that they will be hosting ‘NO PARTY’ together on the beach in La Douce France on what has come to be known as the MassiveWednesday. This could be good news for the dancing deprived, lucky few planning to attend the Canneslions festival.

With many of the bigger networks cancelling their annual ad beach bashes earlier this year, MassiveMusic & The Lift felt that the need for doing ‘NO PARTY’ was perhaps bigger than in any of the previous nine years that the MassiveWednesday party has been held. When asked if MassiveMusic would be hosting an event in Cannes this year, Hans Brouwer (CEO) replied: “No Music. No Fun. No Dancing. No Cannes. No Party?…No Way!” He continued: “Of course we realize that this year, for many, it may seem inappropriate to be celebrating with industry colleagues from around the world. And it would be ridiculous to go all out and pretend like nothing is different this Cannes. But with all the somberness and negativity around, why not put our joint energy and positivity together and at least have one party like there’s no tomorrow (no pun intended).”

will be hosted on the NOGA Beach and will see a diverse crowd of MassiveMusic’s & The Lift’s clients and friends. The MassiveWednesday party is said to be one of the perennial highlights of the Canneslions festival.

More info on 'NO PARTY' will follow soon in your e-mail box if you're lucky to get invited! :-)