Friday, March 26, 2010

Hortum - An ode to self-destruction

HORTUM is a short film about self-destruction and the struggle with losing the battle with addiction. It’s an artistic celebration of being at the edge. The inspiration for the film is based on the directors relative who was diagnosed with a terminal medical condition that ultimately fed and fueled his self-destructive behavior. Throughout this cycle, the director was both inspired and frightened by his actions. HORTUM visualizes those memories of addiction and self destruction in the form of installations and performances. HORTUM is a story of a man who was an artist, but was unaware as the result of his addiction. HORTUM is the illustration of emotions that show there is no beginning and no end to the struggle.

Hortum was written and directed by Ayse Altinok who is a CD at W+K Amsterdam. From our team Guy and Joep were responsible for doing the music and sound design this short art film. If you want to know more about the film, there's a website you should check here.

Panic Room

Our friends at Post Panic have a great office space as you can see in the book we wrote about in one of our previous posts. They make good use of the space too as one can tell by their work. This is some of the latest and we got to do the music and sound design.

MTV Rocks! - Ident Series from PostPanic on Vimeo.

They also use the space for their reoccurring inspirational sessions that go by the name of Panic Room. The last Panic Room featured Niels Shoe Meulmann, Adam Eeuwens, Fons Schiedon and Matt Lambert/Motionographer as speakers. You can spy on the great crowd that attended the night here, and see some of the work that Matt from Motionographer highlighted during his presentation here.

This is our last image of the night. 'Shoe' signing my Calligraphiti T-Shirt.

Where we work


Ian McCallam, creator of the website 'This ain't no disco (It's where we work)' has finally put part of the site's content in a tangible and very suave coffeetable book. It features a several dozen hip-to-be-square workspaces from all over the world. From Amsterdam there's our friends from Post Panic, Nothing, Amsterdam Worldwide and yes, us too. You can buy the book on Amazon or at one of those coffee serving pick-up places boasting printed eye candy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

MassiveTalent: Death Valley Sleepers

It has been two years since we started our MassiveTalent division. Our aim is to connect brands to unknown and talented artists around the globe, and vise versa. Last year we already had Obél featured in the European T-Mobile Rain of Flowers campaign.

We're proud to announce another successful connection: Left Me High by Death Valley Sleepers is used in the newest Chevrolet campaign, thanks to our boys from MassiveTalent. Death Valley Sleepers is Tobias Winberg, a talented musician from Copenhagen, Denmark. Death Valley Sleepers combines rock to psychedelica, with the good vibes from the early Pink Floyd, Bowie and other sounds of the 70s.

The commercial:

Listen to the whole song here:

Get connected to Death Valley Sleepers via Twitter, Facebook and Myspace.
Left Me High will be available soon via iTunes stores and many others worldwide.

If you want to know more on MassiveTalent, check the website, blog and catalogue here.