Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Massive Shanghai (3): our future office and studio

A little bit of Shanghai sightseeing and a pre-view of our potential office and studio space there, here fully under construction. That's a nice roof garden we got there.

Language spoken: Dutch.

Massive Shanghai (2): the opening party

Ni Hou! Here some footage of our opening party in Shanghai, co-hosted with Mattmo - a creative company from Amsterdam, which is also going overseas. Job Cohen, the major of the City of Amsterdam attented the party for the opening ceremony.

Massive Shanghai (1): How to order a chicken salad in Shanghai

Hans and Diederik from MassiveMusic visited Shanghai for the opening of our newest business there. They went for a lunch and are thinking of ordering an ordinary chicken salad. The menu is only available in Chinese and the lovely lady speaks neither Dutch, nor English. Well, good luck.

Ckicken meat ? Meat chicken? Chicken with meat?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Get LinkedIn with Massive

It's alive for a little while: our humble MassiveMusic group at LinkedIn. Feel free to join us by clicking here or here.

And then what? You can meet others in our bizz, discuss commercials, tv-promos, sonic branding strategies, our parties in Cannes or elsewhere, or music in general.
Or you can just be part of it and have a nice little logo on your LinkedIn profile.