Thursday, June 5, 2008

MassiveWednesday 2008: The Rainbows End @ LaLaLand

It's MassiveWednesday time! And yet another edition of the annual MassiveMusic & GettyImages party at the Canneslions International Advertising Festival.

This year Cannes will be LaLaLand - a massive and colourful themepark at the Riviera. The main attraction in LaLaLand will be The Rainbows End. Follow the rainbow, and see your creative director and producer doing their disco-dancing moves near the pot of gold.

Behind the wheels of plastic we have The Disco Accidents (Massive's own Steve Johnsen & DJ Sietz) and Bang Gang Deejays (Ajax & Gus da Hoodrat), bringing you the finest LaLaTunes. Watch out for the invite e-mail you will receive from Joep. You know the drill.

More info on LaLaLand + The Rainbows End here, here and here.