Thursday, January 28, 2010

MassiveMusic MMX Competition

MassiveMusic MMX Competition

UPDATE: Facebook Page crashed by popular demand of this competition !

MMX - We are officially celebrating a decade of MassiveMusic this year. Some years ago we drove this killer company car to Cannes. This year we will do that again, but we won't be taking it home. Instead, we are giving it away.

If you actually want to win this car, send a picture of "You and Something Massive" + your contact details to he following address:

Driving this car is a real cracker of an experience: The 60+ bullet holes grant instant respect when driving through the more dodgy area' s of town. Cueing up at the gas station belongs to the past. You'll be amazed at how friendly people will treat you, when you are holding the key to this monster of bad taste. Besides the holes this car comes with many extras: Shiny rims, boom-system guaranteed to block out the sound of the police and a trunk that won't open from the inside.

The person with the best picture will be awarded this bad ass ride and gets to drive home in it from Cannes.


The movie rocks. Most people blatantly agree on that. Now take Pandora, picture a big chunk breaking off and orbiting into space, heading to earth, burning down into a minute piece after entering our atmosphere, and landing in a cup of fresh latte machiato. That somewhat describes the part we played in the avatar saga. But we are very proud to have played that part. Agency Sid Lee asked us to do the music and sound design for the AVATAR - the game commercial.


or TBWA Istanbul, we re-recorded and remixed the classic song 'Hit the road jack' into the archetypical styles of 5 different era's. The film was directed by Danish award winning director Martin Werner and production was in the hands of DEPO film Istanbul. Thanks to our Scandinavian partner Jesper Gadeberg (MassiveMusic Northpole) for teaming up on yet another cool project.


PSYOP created this wonderful animation for Replay and Stink asked us to help with the music. We ended up re-doing Jim Noir's Computer Song.


Swedish people love horses. To the point that every new ATG - Swedish Horseracing ad is instantly internalized in Swedish culture. Knowing this, and having immense love and respect for anything Swedish, we began the journey that was producing the music for this much anticipated film. We recorded a big band in our studios and feasted on croquettes afterwards. No horses were harmed in the process of producing the film, nor the music, nor the croquettes. Agency is Akestam Holst and director is TRAKTOR.


"Zo." is a thing Dutch people say when they just completed a task almost too big for one man to handle. Like building a dam, or catching a wild hog. Or when finding a parking spot in Amsterdam. Or seconds before they start to eat. Dutch people say "Zo." quite a lot. That's probably why Dutch beer brand Bavaria decided to own "Zo." and asked agency Selmore to make this commercial about "Zo.". The film was directed by non other than Mathijs van Heijningen for Bonkers. MassiveMusic composed and recorded a song about "Zo.".


Train travel can be quite relaxing. Agency Ogilvy & Mather in Frankfurt created this spot together with director Cadmo Quintero through Erste Liebe film. We composed this care free soothing song for those blissful moments where you find yourself in a train watching out the window with the sun all red and almost setting and you think to yourself: crap, did we just pass a naked guy running in the field?


VEX - Voetbal (Football) Expercience. The biggest football theme-attraction in the world, opened last month. We got asked by DST Experience Communications to score every audio-visual experience in the venue. Culminating in a 12 minute film about the European Championships in 1988 (the only one we won.), which is displayed on a 3 meter high and 6 meter wide arched multi-screen to really get "on the pitch" with the players. Check the clip to get a piece of one our most important, nee most important events in Dutch history! Thanks to DST and friends at Studio Sport for making this a great experience for us too.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Apple is to advertising as The Beatles were to pop music"

The word is out! "Selling out" has been taken over by "selling in" while music goes commercial.

"Apple is to advertising as The Beatles were to pop music"
A fun read about how 15 brands, this decade made great use of music in their campaigns.


OK Go breaks it down for your friends that don't get it. Here's the Open Letter From OK Go, regarding non-embeddable YouTube videos. Great read.

Here's the video:

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass from OK Go on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MassiveTalent on Facebook

The MassiveTalent Facebook group has turned into a Fan Page. This means better technical privileges for us and a better way for you to be updated.
Of course, we also got the internet on lock with our MassiveTalent blog and Twitter account, so get connected, stay updated and check your daily portion of new cool music.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Hello Friends,

Welcome to MMX!

A new year that announces the 10th Anniversary of MassiveMusic. Be prepared for an eclectic array of activities to celebrate our first decade in business. Brace yourself for monthly giveaways, impromptu happenings, a limited-edition publication and, of course, the official MMX party in Cannes.

In the meantime, we will endeavour to produce top level soundtracks from our offices in Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles and Shanghai.

So spread the word: MMX will be the year to remember.

Best regards,

PS – Stay connected via Facebook, Twitter or ring the MassiveHotline (the only dedicated soundtrack control hotline in the world manned by orange nosed midgets. This emergency number could be your lifesaver).

Friday, January 1, 2010

The 50 best music videos of the decade

First of all, a happy and harmonious 2010!

So it has now been a decade ago since we where all thinking the millennium bug was going to sweep all the computers of their feet. Now, almost ten years later, we can easily say that nor the millennium bug nor anything else was going to stop the digital (music) revolution. With MTV steadily loosing the M, music video's are more and more produced for internet distribution. It also means less budget, being more creative and being different. Is viral the magic word or was it a bug all along? :-)

Anyway, here are the best 50 video clips according to Paste Magazine. Enjoy!