Thursday, January 28, 2010

MassiveMusic MMX Competition

MassiveMusic MMX Competition

UPDATE: Facebook Page crashed by popular demand of this competition !

MMX - We are officially celebrating a decade of MassiveMusic this year. Some years ago we drove this killer company car to Cannes. This year we will do that again, but we won't be taking it home. Instead, we are giving it away.

If you actually want to win this car, send a picture of "You and Something Massive" + your contact details to he following address:

Driving this car is a real cracker of an experience: The 60+ bullet holes grant instant respect when driving through the more dodgy area' s of town. Cueing up at the gas station belongs to the past. You'll be amazed at how friendly people will treat you, when you are holding the key to this monster of bad taste. Besides the holes this car comes with many extras: Shiny rims, boom-system guaranteed to block out the sound of the police and a trunk that won't open from the inside.

The person with the best picture will be awarded this bad ass ride and gets to drive home in it from Cannes.

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