Wednesday, March 10, 2010

MassiveTalent: Death Valley Sleepers

It has been two years since we started our MassiveTalent division. Our aim is to connect brands to unknown and talented artists around the globe, and vise versa. Last year we already had Obél featured in the European T-Mobile Rain of Flowers campaign.

We're proud to announce another successful connection: Left Me High by Death Valley Sleepers is used in the newest Chevrolet campaign, thanks to our boys from MassiveTalent. Death Valley Sleepers is Tobias Winberg, a talented musician from Copenhagen, Denmark. Death Valley Sleepers combines rock to psychedelica, with the good vibes from the early Pink Floyd, Bowie and other sounds of the 70s.

The commercial:

Listen to the whole song here:

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Left Me High will be available soon via iTunes stores and many others worldwide.

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