Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MassiveMusic - MMX - "We're 10"

In the summer of 2000, MassiveMusic heralded its birth with a rollicking party on a beach in Cannes during the annual International Advertising Festival. There was a full moon on that fateful Wednesday evening, and the stars shining brightly above were grouped into an odd, worm-like shape. Two Cannes virgins were sacrificed that night, although we had nothing to do with that...

A lot has happened since then. The seed that was planted in Amsterdam, still home to our head quarters, became a friendly little tree that started to branch out in 2004 when, again under the starry nights in Cannes, we had business intercourse with some Americans. As a result, MassiveMusic NewYork became a fact in 2005. Los Angeles quickly followed, opening its doors in 2008. A year later, ex-MassiveMusic Amsterdam creative director Diederik van Middelkoop set up our Shanghai studio, becoming the first international music production company to do so.

Now we are entering our tweens, and are celebrating this landmark with all who have helped us in the last decade. We have been privileged to work with the most exceptional creative minds in our industry. We have met thousands of dedicated and fun people through the years in Cannes and through the projects we have worked on. We made friends from Tokyo to Toronto. We were very lucky. We count our blessings. We're only 10. Come celebrate!

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