Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gold at LIA2011 for FIAT 'Toluca' music

We're proud to take home the GOLD at the London International Awards 2011 for FIAT 'Toluga' (aka 'Get Ready')! Category: "TV/Cinema/Online Film - Music Winners".

Thanks to Impatto and Motion Theory Productions for collaboration on this awesome project for FIAT. Go Team!

More info on LIA 2011 (music) winners and finalists, click here.

FIAT "Toluca" credits
Television, Cinema or Online Film: Online Film
Corporate Name of Client: FIAT USA
Agency: Impatto, Los Angeles
Production Company: Motion Theory, Los Angeles
Director: Mark Kudsi
Music Production Company: MassiveMusic Los Angeles
Music Producer: MassiveMusic Los Angeles
Music Arranger: MassiveMusic Los Angeles
Music Composer: MassiveMusic Los Angeles
Music Lyricist: MassiveMusic Los Angeles
Music Performed By: MassiveMusic Los Angeles
Song Title: Vivaldi's Concerto in D Major, Rv 228: Allegro
Music Supervision/Production/Remix: MassiveMusic Los Angeles

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