Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eurobest (1) - MassiveMusic Session


Eurobest 2009 session:
Deepening Emotional Brand: Consumer Relationships Through music And Musical Experiences

Hans, Joep and Michiel from the Amsterdam office are doing a presentation this morning at the Eurobest conference. Eurobest is the European Advertising Festival, this year held in our hometown Amsterdam, which we appreciate a lot.

The MassiveMusic session provides an informative overview of the recent changes in the relationship between brands and music, and how advertising professionals can learn from and capitalise on these changes.

Music has become a strategic communication tool for brands. Our seminar provides insight into the forces and opportunities that come with this fact, and shows some cases that we have worked on as a full-service music agency. Besides composing music and sound, MassiveMusic is becoming a strategic partner for brands to help them solve marketing and communication issues through the use of music.

Our colleagues at Heartbeats from Sweden are doing a session before us and will tell you something about the 'Odyssey Into The Love Affair Of Music & Brands'. Interesting stuff this morning!

EUROBEST Wednesday

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