Thursday, January 22, 2009

Classic Hits & Songsmith

You gotta love this. Remember Microsoft's Songsmith software? The idea behind it is that you sing something - even if you can't sing at all - and Songsmith will do the rest and arrange music for you, realtime. Check it out first, if you're not familiar with it yet.

At Massive we were pretty convinced that it was good marketing strategy, with another viral video on the web. 'Cause introducing the world to such crappy sounding software isn't the best thing to be proud off...

But it seems the software is real. And within 3 weeks a new hype is born: Classic Hits & Songsmith. Here two of our favorite ones out there.

This is what it sounds like if you take David Lee Roth's vocal from 'Running With The Devil' and put it into Songsmith:

And here some Intergalatic fun:

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