Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Red Cross ambassador Hans Brouwer


Last week's Monday, The Netherlands Red Cross celebrated its 140th birthday with a benefit ball in the Amsterdam Beurs of Berlage. During this happening the Red Cross collected 350.000 euro, which will be used for social care projects around the globe.

Besides this, Red Cross also presented their newest ambassadors to the audience. We can proudly tell you that our MassiveMusic founder/CEO Hans Brouwer officially became one of the ambassadors for The Netherlands Red Cross. After opening Massive New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Kaiser Sound Studios and Timboektoe, it's time for an diplomatic mission.

Here some pics of the honouring moment:

Hans Brouwer ambassador Red Cross
Hans Brouwer ambassador Red Cross
Hans Brouwer ambassador Red Cross
Photos by Paul Ridderhof.

Not sure who person with microphone is, but it surely isn't Sammy Hagar. She could be Hans' sister though.

More pictures from that evening in the Beurs van Berlage can be seen here.

Ow, and donate to Red Cross here, here or here.

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