Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Frau Guajardo 8th Grade Class "La Pelota"

Frau Guajardo's 8th grade class

Our little EA Fifa Street III viral sage continues to the point that we thought it would be illegal not to share this with you. Turns out you don't have to do a proper song release to get an international fanbase into action. Thanks to the very cool rooftop soccer viral from Jeroen Mol and W+K Amsterdam (see earlier post), "La Pelota" the song we recorded with Alejandro Londono, has become the most searched for thing on the web after Bin Laden's hide out on Google Earth. Last week, we are not shitting on you, we got the song request from the US army out of Texas. And here is a true display of hobby gangsterism taken from Frau Guajardo 8th Grade annual Spanish class performance. We like!! So what's next? Opening of the Olympics? Or this years Dutch national elderly aqua-jogging estafette?


Anonymous said...

You guys have done a good job of not releasing this song to the public. For that, I'm pissed. Why don't you just leak. I want a copy of that song dammit!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I agree! I know it's not quite big enough for me to go out and buy on CD, and I can't find it anywhere to put up on an iPod.

But this song is SOO good! Get it up on iTunes or something, please!!!

Anonymous said...

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